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Magento eCommerce

Being the most popular e-commerce platform, Magento is developed based on Zend Framework, and PHP programming languages, it was developed by Varien Inc, a US private company headquarter, in Culver City, California.

Magento has many version up to 2018. The first version was released on 31 March 2008, version is Magento CE 1. But it is beginning in 2007, at first, this company tended to develop a new branch of osCommerce, another open source system.

Magento eCommerce Development History:

Magento history from 2007 mt0 2015. Magento 1 is developed in 2008. Magento 1 developed into various editions including Magento community in 2008 for public use, after one year later Magento Enterprise was developed for the commercial goal, so far, both editions have been successful and widely used among builders.On 28 may 2010, Magento mobile software developer, it is directly installed in mobiles which are independent software.

Magento 2 release in July 2015 it is open-source for eCommerce in general. Compare between Magento 1 and Magento 2 than Magento 2 is the very advanced version to Magento 1 accomplished by new development tools and structures.The latest version is Open-source 2.2.1 and Commerce 2.2.1, since then, Magento 1 and Magento 2 have developed at the same time to provide users with more choices and benefits.

The version of Magento:

Launched under the name Bento 31 March 2008.

Magento Community Edition released 24 June 2008.

Mare popular then eCommerce itself 2009 June.

magento Enterprise launched 15 April 2009.

Magento Mobile launched 28 may 2010.

eBay owns 100% of Magento 6 June 2010.

Magento 2 developed independently with Magento 1 2015 July

Features of Magento:

Magento excessive and excellent features supply sellers with advanced sources to best carry out successful e-commerce websites.

General features:

Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools: Leading page for categories, customers group, flexible coupons, multi-tier pricing for quality discounts.

Search Engine Optimization: Meta-information for products, 100% search engine friendly, categories and content pages and google sitemaps.

Mobile commerce: Mobile HTML5, responsive design, and native device applications.

Order Management: Ability to view, edit, create and fulfil an order from the admin panel.

Checkout, payment, and Shipping: One-page checkout, shipping to multiple addresses in one order, save credit card for offline payment, and check money order acceptable.

Private Sales: Private sales mean group seals, the catalogue restriction to specific customer groups through invitations and events for limited time sales

Many customers are present of Magento from shopkeeper to multinational corporations, such as Samsung, bazaar, likes etc, According to Magento Inc., more than 20000 companies use Magento, below are 10 famous and successful companies using Magento platform.


Magento experience is wonderful for those who start their new own business online, those searching for an innovation for the outdated websites with a view to attracting more highly customer.

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